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At last! After a loooong time procrastinating and being busy I finally finished the UMK3 sounds section, this part of the site was greatly delayed by stuff that I had to take care of, mainly moving into my new apartment and playing GTAV, it was kind of a big deal to rip these sounds, just like the MK1 sounds with the big difference that UMK3 has 575 sounds!
I categorized them a bit differently from MK1 but it should make sense once you download or play them on the page, as always you can expect the best quality possible, plus there are a couple of sounds that I don’t remember hearing in-game, check them out:

Personally I recommend using the User Interface sounds as notification sounds for your phone.
Be sure to comment if you have any feedback, I hope I didn’t miss any sound files.

Another of the most voted requests in the recent poll was to add more background props, I’ve gone ahead of it and made a really cool feature for UMK3 arenas, the idea was given to me by ]{0MBAT and it is accomplished using jQuery.Parallax, the idea of it is to view arenas just as they do in the game, with various layers that have distinct properties according to mouse movement, check them out:

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Arenas

In addition to the parallax presentation, I’ve added all props used in them separately for each Arena.
I want to thank WeaponTheory, ]{0MBAT, AceKombat and whoever sent me “Mortal Kombat, Sprite Box v0.2″ (I forgot who it was, sorry!) for providing content and feedback to make this possible, I’ll continue making these for the other 2D games.

You guys asked for it in the poll, so I started ripping and extracting the sounds directly from the game (I’ve been using the Arcade Kollection version of the games to do it), I tried to put the sounds into categories but I left a lot of them in the “unused” section, let me know if I made a mistake with any of those.
I’ll update this post when the rest of the sections are ready:

Latest Updates

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